Canon 5D MKIIIPrimaryThe ability to save 3 configurations -- C1, C2, C3 -- improved focus system, much quieter S drive option, better ISO, the list goes on with the reasons that this is my primary body.
Canon 1Ds MKIIIBackupWhile the 1Ds MKIII has long been my favorite, I am now using the 5D MKIII as my primary camera.
Sony Alpha a7R & a7SNot YetBut, when people ask me what to buy, after more then 30 years of saying "Canon", I now suggest the Sony a7R and a7S.

You should check them out.
GoPro 2RegularlySure, no wifi, but still a very capable GoPro.
GoPro 3 SilverRegularlyWifi access and the Android GoPro app are a capable pair for controlling the camera.

Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye2%Oh, but those 2% of the time, it is just perfect!
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM17%On a full-frame, this is a very useful range for group activity stuff. A must-have for weddings.
Canon 24-70mm EF f/2.8 L30%There is a reason why this lens is so popular. The close second is the 24-105.
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM20%Another Canon staple.
Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM13%A favorite portrait lens that I use about 60% of the time in the studio. Focus is much too slow to use for events. The 85mm f/1.8 is better suited for weddings.
Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM14%A treat to use and I use it in all sorts of situations. Portraits. Sports. School Plays.
Canon 300mm EF f/2.8 L1%I rent an old beater 300 f/2.8 non-IS usually for high school sporting events like football and baseball. This number would be higher if I owned it. I shoot prep football with the 200.
Canon Extender EF 1.4x II1%It is not very sharp so only use when required.
**Usage is based upon 76,776 images

Canon 600EX-RT SpeedliteRegularlyReplaced my 580EXs with the 600EX-RT to simplify what is in the Pelican. Nice to have a built-in wireless. Less to carry and fewer batteries. However, to realize all the features of the 600EX-RT, it must be used on a 1DX or a 5D MKIII. Buyer beware!
Canon ST-E3-RT TransmitterRegularlyNice that the interface for the ST-E3-RT is exactly the same as the interface on the 600EX-RT.

Monobloc LightsUsageNotes
Paul C. Buff Einstein E640RegularlyA great value! See Rob Galbraith's articles on the Einstein @
Paul C. Buff Cyber CommanderRegularlySimple interface that it is very logical and efficient.
Paul C. Buff CSXCV CyberSync TransceiverRegularlyPlug and play. Gets no easier than this!
Paul C. Buff ABR800 Ring FlashNot so muchThis is a useful ring flash, but a bit awkward to add into an existing E640 setup because of the interruption required to configure the light in the Cyber Commander. It would be the bomb if PCB were to create an Einstein version!

PhotoFlex Small HalfDomeRegularlyBothVery useful for hair light and rim light.

Use a pair of these upper and lower for head shots.
PhotoFlex Medium HalfDomeRegularlyMonoblocUsed for hair light sometimes (large groups) and full-body rim light all the time.

Use a pair of these camera right and left for head shots.
PhotoFlex Small LiteDomeRegularlyBothUsed with speedlites and monoblocs for rim light.
PhotoFlex Medium LiteDomeRegularlyMonoblocUse for rim light and to light seamless
PhotoFlex Large LiteDomeSeldomMonoblocSeldom simple because my studio space is my living room.

When I have a space, I use these camera right and left to light seamless.
PhotoFlex nxt:extra small OctoDomeOccasionallyBothA nice little run and gun modifier when used with a speedlite
PhotoFlex Small OctoDomeRegularlyBothUsed with both speedlites and monoblocs.
PhotoFlex Medium OctoDomeRegularlyBothCan be used with both speedlites and monoblocs.
PhotoFlex Large OctoDomeOccasionallyMonoblocBig light modifier at a reasonable price. This is one of my favorite PhotoFlex modifiers. Can't use it all the time, but when the time is right, it rocks.
PhotoFlex RUT 60” White Convertible UmbrellaRegularlyBothBig convertible brolly at a great price.

Great for large group shots when used camera left and right.
PhotoFlex Speedring for Einstein/Alien Bees (SC-B9002BR)RegularlyMonoblocThe PhotoFlex speedring used to mount PhotoFlex modifiers to Alien Bees, Einsteins, and some other brand lights.
Paul C. Buff 22-inch High Output White Beauty Dish ReflectorSeldomBothA really good value, but find the OctoDomes so much easier to transport.
Paul C. Buff Set of 2 Grids for Beauty Dishes (15 & 30 degrees)SeldomBothUse the 30 degree more than the 20 degree
Paul C. Buff 22-inch Reflector BagAlwaysN/AA great value. Big enough to carry a Mola Demi.
Paul C. Buff 8.5-inch Silver High Output ReflectorRegularlyMonoblocThese are very useful for managing light on backgrounds and for hard light on a subject. If you get these, be sure to buy the grid set.
Paul C. Buff Grid set for 8.5 HOR (20 & 30 degree)RegularlyMonoblocAlmost always use the 30 degree grid with the 8.5 HOR. Use the 15-degree grid from time to time. There is a pretty big drop with the 15-degree grid. Maybe 2 stops.

High output indeed. A pair these, camera right and left, can easily be used opposite the Sun as a rim light.
Paul C. Buff Umbrella Reflector 7URToo new to rateMonoblocJust started using these.
Paul C. Buff ABR800 20-degree gridSeldomRing FlashSeldom use this because I seldom use the ring flash.
Paul C. Buff Extreme Silver PLMToo new to rateMonobloc51, 64, and 86 inch models
Paul C. Buff Soft Silver PLMToo new to rateMonobloc51, 64, and 86 inch models.

Because of the way this modifier concentrates light, it can be used by itself in a one-light setup where the sun is the rim light.
Paul C. Buff PLM Front Diffusion FabricToo new to rateMonobloc51, 64, and 86 inch models
Paul C. Buff White Shovel Background ReflectorRegularlyMonoblocThis is a great little modifier for managing separation light on a background. Favorite way to use this: Einstein on a Manfrotto Mini Kit Stand. Shovel on the Einstein. PCB 8.5HOR 30-degree gird standing in front of the shove. Makes a nearly perfectly round separation shape on a background.
22" Mola DemiSeldomBothAlmost never use this. The Octodomes are so much easier to transport.

Wireless TriggerUsageNotes
PocketWizard PlusIIOccasionallyThe PlusII triggers are used to trigger the camera.  Most commonly, there is a PlusII connected to the camera that is triggered from a Sekonic L-758DR
Various PocketWizard cablesOccasionallyThe PlusII triggers are used to trigger the camera.  Most commonly, there is a PlusII connected to the camera that is triggered from a Sekonic L-758DR
Manfrotto Mini Kit StandRegularlyThis little stand is very useful for holding an Einstein behind a subject to light a background.
Manfrotto 5001B Nano StandRegularlyThe quintessential portable stand for speedlites. Small enough to carry in a carryon backpack. Big enough to get the speedlite up there.
Manfrotto 1004BAC Air-cushioned StandRegularlyAn air-cushioned stand that goes to 13 feet for less than $90. Shazam!
Manfrotto 110G Wheel SetRegularlyCaster set that works with the Manfrotto 1004BAC.
Avenger A4039CSRegularlyMonobloc users will enjoy the Avenger A4039CS, which comes highly recommended by Brad Trent in a post on See the post comment from damnuglyphotography. Can be used to get an Einstein up high with a big modifier. When fitted with casters, very useful when space is at a premium because of the boom arm.
Avenger A9000N Wheel SetRegularlyHemmed and hawed for a long time before shelling out for a set of casters for the A4039CS. Once you have 'em, you realize how nice it is to be able to roll around a stand that could easily weigh 50 pounds. Some assembly required. Each leg of the A4039CS needs a hole drilled to accept the caster mounting bolt.
Shur-Line Easy Reach Paint PoleAlwaysThis and the Kacey Pole Adapter are the ultimate portable light stand for both speedlites and monoblocs. Check out McNally's blog about using this setup.
Kacey Pole AdapterAlwaysCan be used to connect speedlites and monoblocs to a paint pole.
Manfrotto 432-3.7B AutoPoleRegularlyUse this to hold seamless in all sorts of locations.
Manfrotto AutoPole Base LegsRegularlyWhen the ceiling is more than 13 feet high, the base can be used to make the autopoles freestanding.
Manfrotto 046 Background Paper DriveRegularlyBy far and away the best way to mount background paper to any kind of stand.
Thug LadderAlwaysIt's a bad day when we arrive at a shoot without the thug ladder. This two-step ladder always goes with us everywhere.
Portable PowerUsageNotes
Vagabond Mini LithiumRegularlyThe Mini Lith is very useful and has exceeded my expectations for battery life.

Sekonic L-758DR Light MeterRegularlyConnect the L-758DR to the Cyber Commander and it is possible to measure and adjust Einsteins very quickly.
x-rite photo ColorChecker ClassicRegularlyThe LightRoom plugin makes using this a snap to get color-correction profiles.

Transport CasesUsageNotes
Pelican 1620AlwaysThe 1620 is a nice, all around case. Big enough to carry lots of equipment, but no so big that it can't be carried.
Pelican 1650AlwaysThe perfect case for Einsteins.
OnStage LSB6500 Lighting Stand BagAlwaysCan easily fit 6 Manfrotto 1004BAC stands or 3 Manfrotto 1004BAC stands and an Avenger A4039CS stand. Useful for carrying light modifiers too.
ThinkTank Glass TaxiAlwaysThe 200 f/2.0 lives in this all the time.
ThinkTank Artificial IntelligenceAlwaysThe MacBook carrying case
ThinkTank Pixel Pocket RocketAlwaysDon't know why it took so long to make this $18 investment. Well worth it! Fits in a pants pocket. Way easier than grubbing through the outside bag pocket to find a card.
Paul C. Buff Single Light Carrying BagAlwaysEinsteins are in their carrying bags. The carrying bags are then put in a Pelican 1650.

This bag can also hold 6 PCB 8.5 HOR reflectors and 6 8.5 HOR grid sets (12 grids).