I stumbled into the world of photography in 1977 while attending a week-long photo seminar in Bisbee, Arizona hosted by the University of Arizona.  My father read about the seminar in the Tucson paper and suggested that I might find it interesting. He rented me a camera from a pawn shop in downtown Tucson. I talked him into letting me use the family travel trailer and headed off to Bisbee with my high school buddy, Scott Timberlake.  He with a Lica rangefinder borrowed from his dad and me with my rented Nikon. Pretty sure I had never shot a whole role of film before Bisbee.  

By mid-week, Jacqueline Sharkey had recruited me to the UofA J school. It was through the UofA that I had the opportunity to spend a semester at the Universidad Autónoma de Gualadalajar journalism school. Two years into my degree, and the semester before I was to study with renowned photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, Smith died. I packed everything I had into my ’63 VW and moved to Tempe to finish my degree at the ASU journalism school with the former editor of the Washington Post, Frank Hoy, who had just joined the faculty there. While at ASU, I worked for the Arizona Republic, the Mesa Tribune, and was published in most of the other major papers in the state. I also did some work for the wire services. It was a great undergrad degree, but not something I wanted to do for a living.

Today, about 96.5% of my photography is related to my volunteer work at Washington High School, where I work with the marching band (  

Examples of the other 3.5% of my work can be found at

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Frederick C. Moor, IV